Welcome wonderful reader!

Welcome wonderful reader! Thank you for stumbling upon my little slice of online paradise. Now the question is are you in the right place … do you like doing lines?

I’m a big believer in lines. Not every day, not all day, but most days. Big lines, pure lines, chunky lines, left of centre lines, shared lines, you name it I want to get all up in the white (brown, green and rainbow) stuff. And by white, brown, green and rainbow stuff I mean snow, dirt, trees and the general fantasticness that is outside (however we don’t judge wherever you first went with that … ya sicko).

I and my friends (read loosely connected acquaintances I force to hang out with me) live and love on the world’s odd land humps with a current Snowy Mountains local. We’re not professional huckers and a 360 still seems pretty damn cool to us (but then again so does double denim, there’s no accounting for taste). What we are is vaguely normal human shaped organisms who love pushing our boundaries, exploring as much as possible, dancing at inappropriate moments, finding the best gear that costs the smallest number of shekels, indulging in fancy dress whenever possible and just generally trying to bring out our inner badass with a group of interesting people.

So what can this blog do for you mon cheri? Both X’s and Y’s are fantastic however sometimes us X’s can find the wonderful Y’s a little intimidating. This online slice is all about grabbing adventure by the preverbals (with handy tips on how to get your own handful as well) in a safely epic space where X’s can show the world their awesomeness. Our dream, nay our burning ambition, is to share the adventure itch (but nothing less sanitary we swear!) with our fellow amateur lady babes and build an easily accessible community of fantastic people who, borrowing from the amazingly chipper Cindy Lauper, just want to have fun (in the great outdoors).

You’ve all heard that stepping out of your comfort zone is where life begins and we can’t agree enough. However, sometimes you need an equally sweaty hand to hold. Go on, take ours (and that girl’s standing to your left), we have a feeling this is the start of something a little exciting …

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