Snowy Mountain Trails for Conquering the MTB Yips

Summer in the Snowy Mountains is mountain Biking. Thredbo and surrounds is fast becoming a mountain biking mecca with big trails and bigger airs hitting this slice of alpine more and more each year. I’d like to say that I’m a fearless mountain biking pro whose hitting berms, smashing table tops, and generally being a badass. Sadly I find the humble bike intimidating.

This (not wholly unfounded) fear may stem back to the time my brother shredded my leg with his wheel at the park or the time I thought riding in thongs down a bitumen road as fast as possible (to impress a dude no less) was a great idea only to get them tangled in the spokes and wind up slicing off the bottom of my toe. Needless to say I came across as pretty damn cool, so much so he didn’t ask me out again -undoubtedly because he was intimidated by my genuine badassness right?

So, for girls like me who love the outdoors and want to conquer the off-road steel demon yips while in the Snowy Mountains what’s there to do? Turns out there’s a bunch of things that you can do to work up to the hectic downhill trails of Thredbo and beyond …

1. Gravity Girl Clinics

Get some skills before heading out DIY off inspirational women with a bunch of other keen lasses at the Thredbo Gravity Girl women specific clinics. These clinics happen intermittently throughout summer and are a great way to build confidence and proficiency for only $50 a pop.

Check out more details here

2. Lake Crackenback

Lake Crackenback is a little resort halfway between Thredbo and Jindabyne and has a great network of MTB trails that are easily accessible. There is a variety of trail grades that allow for gentle improvement without much uphill to conquer (let’s not judge my laziness). Bikes can be rented from the resort and many of the tracks wind by the Thredbo River allowing for breaks disguised as swim or photo opportunities.

Check out more details here


(damn girl, look at that helmet game)

3. Thredbo Valley Trail

The Thredbo Valley Trail is a great easy (or for girls as afflicted with chickenism as me intimidating but doable), long and fun trail to work out all those MTB kinks. The trail begins at Thredbo and ends at Lake Crakenback and boasts 20 km of woodlands, grasslands and suspension bridges. It also, you guessed it, runs along the river for impromptu swims. During weekends (and daily during the school holidays) a shuttle bus runs from Thredbo offering pick-up for a small fee from Lake Crackenback making it perfect for those not equipped with a big car or that just can’t be frogged to convoy a pick-up.

Check out more details here


In your face metal death trap (don’t scream this at your bike – just like horses they can sense fear)

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